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Weeds… Who Invited You Back?

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

With the recent downpours, everything seems to have gone bonkers in the garden. The potatoes have starting to sprout, the parsnips are romping away, and the rasberries are popping up all over the place. All is not rosy though. Alongside the plants having a spurt, the weeds are going mad too.

I’ve now decided that this tree has actually come back to haunt us. Instead of the normal 20 or so seeds that I’d find dotted around the garden, I swear I’ve actually now pulled out more than 200 tree seedlings – and counting. The blooming things are everywhere!

And, they’ve taken on an element of disguise, hiding in amongst stuff they vaguely resemble… like parsnips. Everywhere I look, there are little two-leaved seedlings, that may or may not be trees in the making. By the time I’ve established they are in fact the enemy, their roots have got so long that a bit of precision needs to be applied when pulling them out. In a blink of an eye, they turn into small trees, and once these are about a foot high, they are so deep rooted it takes a bit of muscle to get them out.

On a wander round the garden this morning, I also discovered my old friend, the horsetail weed is back with a vengence. There’s always been a bit dotted around, but this year I think I could easily open up my own stables. The more you pull it out, the more it seems to grow, and evidently it laughs in the face of weedkillers. I think I may try the advice of squashing it and applying some super strength solution in the hope of getting one up on it.

And don’t get me started on dandelions and nettles…

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