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Wednesday Wishlist No. 6

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
Wednesday Wishlist No. 6

Wednesday Wishlist No. 6

Stripey Skater Dress

Gold Earrings

Gold Necklace
Nail Varnish
Friendship Bracelets

Pink Dress - Missguided
I tried to find the links, but the dress has disappeared within a few minutes off Topshop! Also, if the links aren't working.. I'm sorry. It took so much time to link them, because Blogger is annoying tonight. So. Tired.
These are things that I've been coveting for this week.. And yeah, they're all very summery.. So I'm guessing I'm wanting summer to come quicker!
Off to Maraquesh (if that's how you spell it) in a few weeks for a Hen Do. So that'll be nice!

Wednesday Wishlist No. 6

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