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Wednesday Wishlist No. 2

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
Wednesday Wishlist No. 2

Wednesday Wishlist No. 2

Sand-coloured Dress - TOPSHOP £46
Pink and Lace Socks - TOPSHOP £3.50
Cross Print Vest - TOPSHOP £18
Suede Cage Belt - TOPSHOP £18
Nail Varnish in Mannequin - TOPSHOP £5
Detailed Cross Brooch - TOPSHOP £8.50
Feather Hairband - TOPSHOP £8.50
Brown Playsuit - TOPSHOP Rare £42
Baxter Jeans - TOPSHOP Moto £40
Pagan Star Ring - TOPSHOP £7.50
White Lace Top - TOPSHOP £32
ACCUSE Harness Detail Boots - TOPSHOP £85 
"The idea for this week wasn't just what I'd seen and loved, but what fashion style I was craving. Pagan, pagan and more pagan. From tassells to neutral colours, it's everywhere - along with the Egyptians and the Mayans this spring is going to be about history repeating itself. "

Wednesday Wishlist No. 2

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