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Wednesday Wishlist Intro

By Ceriblog @ceriblog
Wednesday Wishlist IntroSo as corny as it sounds, I've decided to start a Wednesday Wishlist regime. If you haven't guessed already, it's where I post my weekly Wishlist of items I've seen and want. I'm not promising anything.. I just thought it's a new year, and a new idea - although I'm not copying from anyone else, that's not say I came up with this concept.
Sometimes I'm incredibly busy during the week and may forget to post (like my weekly GROW posts which I have been doing for 14 weeks!)
I have only just come up with this idea, so shamefully haven't created a wishlist this week but next week you'll see my first post on this.
Hope you're well...
And don't forget to stay tuned..

Wednesday Wishlist Intro

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