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Wedding Wednesday #1

By Millerweddings @phoebewedding
Wedding Wednesday #1Thank you for all of the question submissions, who ever entered the "will you be making a time traveling machine so we can go back and plan my wedding?" question, I am flattered and I am working on it, I promise. This is the question I have chosen to kick us off...
"I have just got engaged, where do I start?"
Firstly decide on your timescale, how long would you like to be engaged? How long would it take to save so you can comfortably pay for a wedding? How long would it take you to plan your dream day?
After deciding that then I suggest that the next big thing is the venue. The venue will dictate a lot more than you think, from the actual date of your wedding, how many people you can have at your ceremony or reception to what time you actually get married. After choosing the venue you will have a better idea of your budget and costs. You will also know if you'll be having your ceremony in a church or registry office which leads on to separate planning paths in itself. It is daunting taking the first step as you then realize what you have to do. This is where a planner would help greatly and relieve you of stress. You can usually hire a planner at anytime in your planning process, it's nice knowing there is someone there if it gets too much. They will also help you stay within your budget and offer various discounts with suppliers (hint: Miller Weddings). If you don't want to relinquish control to a planner then write lists, lots of lists, keep all your invoices, plans, quotes helps down the line when its 3 months to go and you are clarifying bookings.
I would then suggest to start collating your ideas, where ever you find inspiration, make note. If you can get a mood-board together to take you suppliers they will have a better idea of your overall theme a lot quicker than an over-zealous bride explaining all of her plans in 10 seconds. (Again Miller Weddings has a discount on mood-boards at the moment, all boards are £25, just use the contact form, shameless plug) Enjoy it. It really is an amazing time. Till next Wednesday...Do you have anything to add? Any tips, any bits of advice?

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