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Wedding Planning Or Work? Bumper Edition

By Claire

This week’s Wed­ding Plan­ning or Work is ded­i­cated to my new friend Scar­let Blue. Last Fri­day I skived off WPOW entirely, as I was up to my neck in cal­lig­ra­phy… only to find an email on Sat­ur­day from Scar­let (which she’d sent on Fri­day) say­ing how much she enjoyed my weekly blog roundups… Oops!

Today I’m not skiv­ing off — I’ve made you a bumper edi­tion of Wed­ding Plan­ning or Work to enjoy. Happy Fri­day everyone!

romantic Spanish inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes blog

Span­ish inspired wed­ding Photo credit:

Real wed­dings

Think cre­ative

Calligraphy heart by Scarlet Blue

Cal­lig­ra­phy heart by Scar­let Blue

  • I Heart Cal­lig­ra­phy!! Me too, Scar­let
  • Get inspired by this lit­tle beauty! Rose Cas­cade Wed­ding Cake
  • Wolf Whis­tle: Wed­ding Sta­tionery Fab, paperytasticness
  • (I’ll apol­o­gise in advance but it has to be said:) Oooooh la la! Yolan­Cris Wed­ding Dress — Lumière Collection
  • Monty Man­a­tee with some wed­ding theme ideasWed­ding Theme
  • and last but not least: A Wed­ding for All Sea­sons Designer Wed­ding Show… the first of its kind in the North of England!

Have an opinion

  • Not for the faint-hearted, or if you’re in the wed­ding night­mares stage of plan­ningThe 7 Most Dis­as­trous Wed­dings Ever
  • The debate goes on… Same sex mar­riage in France
  • Wed­ding sup­pli­ers (of the lady vari­ety) — read this: it feels good! Women in busi­ness – what do we have in common?
  • A seri­ous wed­ding dis­cus­sion: cold feet?Should I Can­cel My Wed­ding and Elope? | my hon­est answer
  • More on stress — an insight­ful blog post Destress Your Wedding-Planning
  • And one for the road. Would you? Wed­ding Fash­ions for Cats and Dogs
wedding fashions for cats and dogs.

wed­ding fash­ions for cats and dogs.

Wed­ding busi­ness blogs

  • I’d say yes — an inter­est­ing blog post Wed­ding Blog Spon­sor­ship — is it a good idea?
  • Find­ing Your Blog­ging Voice
  • Geeky stuff: a good update from Google Google Algo­rithm Updates
  • Even techier: Google Pen­guin Update Is Live
  • Are your wed­ding busi­ness images opti­mised? Do they show up in image search? Do you want them to? Some tips — really use­ful tips. 1000 Words About Images
  • Learn­ing to Trust Yourself

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