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Wedding Planning Or Work?

By Claire

I’m sure if you’ve got some­thing really impor­tant to fin­ish it can wait five min­utes. There’s an hour or two left before home time after all. You deserve a break, it’s Fri­day after­noon! We’re into week­end time already if you ask me :)

Course, if you like this lit­tle lot you can while away the time until 4 or 5 just blog-hopping and enjoy­ing lots of wed­ding inspi­ra­tion. I should apol­o­gise to brides and grooms who aren’t blog­gers by the way: I’ve been read­ing a lot about blog­ging this week so there’s a bit of advice in here too.

Enjoy! (and next time you look at the clock it might just be home-time…)

Real wed­dings

Fly fishing wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

Photo credit: via Green Wed­ding Shoes

  • A beau­ti­ful Eng­lish wedding
  • Bride holds fish…
  • I couldn’t men­tion fish with­out bicy­cles
  • Belle Epoque wedding
  • Bride designs her own dress
  • Wed­ding video of the week!

Be dif­fer­ent

inspirational word art

Photo credit:

  • Bril­liant to see a top wed­ding blog­ger donate her wed­ding dress to Oxfam
  • Inspi­ra­tion (and a promise of more!) Cher­ish the Dress — icons
  • I love how Alex Beadon thinks
  • 2012 wed­ding trends — details
  • Fash­ion for grooms (Hallelujah!)
  • It’s a leap year… and this won­der­fully researched and illus­trated blog post is a must-read!
  • Anneli gets inspir­ing — go on, smile…

Think cre­ative

paper balls decoration

Photo credit: via Beyond Beyond

Have an opinion!

real and cheap wedding dress knock off

Credit: Hind­sight Bride via Your Dream Dress 4 Less

  • Has this kind of thing hap­pened to you? The poor grooms
  • Hur­ray for curves: Bridal Gowns To Suit Your Size And Shape
  • Is this a big prob­lem? (gen­uine ques­tion) When Guests Don’t Reply To Their Wed­ding Invitation…
  • What do you think? Are two dresses bet­ter than one?
  • Applause: Cheap Wed­ding Dress Reviews
  • Stand­ing ova­tion: Anatomy of a Chinese-Made Wed­ding Gown
  • Please share your own tips — Find­ing a wed­ding photographer
  • Google scared me this week with its “Social Media Juggernaut”
  • Mar­ket­ing goes social: 30 Bril­liant Tips
  • Does it? 25 Rea­sons Why Google Hates Your Blog

’til next week — have a gor­geous week­end every­one xxx

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