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Wedding Planning Checklist

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140

There are many things that needs to be done prior to the wedding day – a lot of planning, a lot of shopping and many other things.

12-18 months before:
Set your budget – The first thing that you should do is set your budget. This is the most important thing. And keeping your budget in mind, you need to do plan all things accordingly.
Set your date – Fix the date of your wedding. Make sure that the date is convenient for both the parties.
Choose and book your venue – Budget plays an important role here. So, choose a venue that is within your budget. Make sure the venue you choose is convenient for your guests and book it keeping in mind the date that has been fixed.
Put together your guest list – Prepare a guest list inviting all the persons whom you want to.
Book your church or registrar – Don’t forget to do this part. This is one of the most important things that must be taken care of.

9-12 months before:
Choose bridesmaids, best man and ushers – Without these people, you wedding won’t be complete. So, consult with your family and decide who all you want as bridesmaids, best man and ushers.  Choose & book your videographer and photographer – After your wedding, it is going to be these videos and photos that you are going to cherish. So, make sure you book these professionals.
Get your transport sorted – Booking a transport for the d-day is also an important matter. Have a look at the options available and keeping your budget in mind select accordingly.
Book your DJ/ band – This is optional. You can book it if you want for entertainment or else you can ask some of your friends or family members to arrange games and different other programs to keep the guests entertained.
Book your caterers and decide on your menu – This is important and must be booked 9-12 months before the wedding.
Start looking at wedding dresses and work out what you like – You can start looking for your wedding dresses in different shops because choosing the right one may take some time.  

6-9 months before:

  • Book for extra entertainment such as a magician or fireworks if you want
  • Choose & book your florist in Newborough. Tell your florist what all things you need and consult with her regarding your floral concerns. And don’t forget about the 5 most important things you need to keep in your mind before buying wedding flowers.
  • Choose & book a specialist cake maker. Make sure you order a cake that’s unique but within your budget.
  • Buy your shoes and other accessories.
  • Book your hair & make-up artist during this period as well.

There are many other things that you need to plan or do during the final week to six months time like choosing the bridesmaids dresses, buying the wedding ring, sending out invitations, having a manicure and pedicure done, confirming all your timings with different suppliers and many others.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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