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Florists In The Modern Culture

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140

A florist is someone who is involved in the professional art of creating floral arrangements. He/she is also trained in specific measures including the care and handling of flowers, the sales and display of flowers and flower delivery. The preparations are typically used for celebratory occasions like weddings, birthdays and parties, and also for ornamental purposes at hotels, catered events, homes and funerals. In the earlier times, florists exclusively owned small autonomous shops. But in the modern society, florists are also employed by larger companies due to the evolution of online delivery services and one-stop shopping markets.


Florists must possess a variety of skills in order to work as professionals in the floristry market. These skills include the designing of various flower arrangements, care and preservation of fresh flowers, and the sale and marketing of floral products. Florists mainly arrange flowers in the form of bouquets, wreaths, vases, corsages and centerpiece elements. Sometimes florists are also hired to decorate entire rooms, hall spaces or entrances with flowers in exquisite designs.  This kind of floral arrangement is generally sought for in weddings and parties. Though most florists stick to pre-formatted layouts while designing floral preparations or arrangements, some truly artistic ones go for self-created designs and patterns. Improviser florists are paid more for their original creations.

There are three common types of floristry styles which are popular among the different communities of florists across the globe. They are the High Style, the English Garden and the Ikebana. High Style features symmetrical, linear and linear space designs are is very popular in the United States. English Garden originated in England and employs the use of seasonal and nursery flowers, in the form of large displays for viewing from different angles. The Ikabena style is typical of Japan and incorporates triangular arrangements which symbolize beauty and subtlety.

Churchill is home for many home-grown beautiful flowers. There are numerous florists in the region, and most of them follow all the three traditional floristry styles to prepare beautiful bouquets and wreaths. They are very unique and are well armed with the degrees for specializing in floral arrangements. Apart from creating the usual arrangements, they also engage their skills to set up unique embellishments. For example, a ladies’ hat made entirely out of leaves, a temporary sculpture of a horse made with stems and heads of sunflowers, are some of the elaborate designs that florists in Churchill can boast of.

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