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Wedding Jewelry: What to Know When Shopping – Guest Post by Michelle Lee

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Marriage is with no doubt a memorable moment in life, and therefore, you would have to do everything to make it just that – a memorable day! The groom and the bride are definitely the center of attraction during this big day, and that is why they need to put on the best and most outstanding outfits. The bride, however, takes all the effect of attraction and not just because she belongs to the fairer sex but rather the fact that the whole event is tied to beauty and the essence of enjoying the beauty of love and life. There is no doubt that jewelry and outfits are the most important wedding aspects. That is why people would spend nearly anything just to make sure they are looking stunning on this big day.

In order to make a wedding complete and ensure the overall attractiveness of the bride, nice and attractive jewelry cannot be overlooked. Her wedding is surely one of her best days in life, and therefore, she would definitely want to look beautiful and wear all the unique elements on that day ranging from the dress to the jewelry. Here are some helpful tips for the brides from a Sydney wedding venues company.

Jewelry Must Match the Dress

This is non-negotiable. After considering the gown, any bride should switch focus to unique accessories. Buying wedding jewelry today is not very difficult thanks to the internet. There are different variations of these accessories and jewelry you can expect to get in the market.

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Ideally, the jewelry you choose needs to perfectly complement that dress.

Jewelry Must Match the Hairstyle

You also have to make sure that the jewelry matches your hairstyle and other accessories you are wearing. Do not overlook your natural features because they will determine whether the jewelry really looks good on you. For instance, try turquoise if you’re a brunette or silver if you’re blonde.

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Cost is definitely an issue that must arise especially at such a time when the word is experiencing recession. There are beautiful jewelry pieces in the market today which are still very affordable. Consider your budget before you can even decide to set out to the market to buy the jewelry. If you don’t have money for diamonds-try colored gemstones or white topaz. And by choosing practical, well-made fine jewelry, earrings and a necklace will last an eternity.

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Style is another element you cannot choose to overlook when you are thinking of buying wedding jewelry. That is why it is always important to buy the wedding dress before even buying the accessories. In that case, you would buy the accessories and jewelry later basing on the design of the dress. A bride would definitely want the kind of dress in which she fits in perfectly well and have some accessories which go well with the design of the dress. That is why it is important to try different types of jewelry before making the final purchase.

Style report:

Here in Australia, mermaid wedding dresses are very popular:

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I think the proposed jewelry to go with them if you’re a brunette is turquoise and if you’re blonde it will be emerald green. Sea colors.  And here’s what Vera Wang proposes with that type of dress:

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Be sure to remember what Coco Chanel said: before you go out, take one good look in the mirror and take off what you put on last.

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