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Wedding Blog Search Results — Seriously?

By Claire

This is what some of you have been search­ing for, and landed on Eng­lish Wed­ding Blog

  • wrapped in bed­sheets roman­tic — I don’t imag­ine this searcher was look­ing for my blog. I sup­pose it can be, but it’s not some­thing I’ve seen on a wed­ding sub­mis­sion recently — have you?
  • worst wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy images — Thanks. Charm­ing. But you won’t find them here! I’ll be hav­ing words with Google.
  • will the ocean wreck my wed­ding dress? — Not unless you go in it. If you go in it wear­ing your wed­ding dress then yes, it will. Credit where credit’s due though: at least you checked first.
  • who uses wed­ding mag­a­zines? — I know! Soooooo old fash­ioned. Blogs are where it’s at, right?
  • when and where are welsh wed­dings cel­e­brated? — Let. me. think. Wales?
  • what’s the point of a wed­ding? — I don’t think you should be here.
  • what did justin dean hamp­ton write about my friends? — I never got that let­ter, I promise! How on earth did you end up on Eng­lish Wed­ding blog with that query? And you clicked! Google brings up search results and you, the searcher, should be able to tell which are rel­e­vant. You saw Eng­lish Wed­ding blog in your results and this is where you thought you’d find his treach­er­ous tattle?

This is just a lit­tle wed­ding blog fun while I pre­pare my new book for a big launch, start­ing next week. Here at Eng­lish Wed­ding Tow­ers* I’m mak­ing some video blogs for wed­ding busi­ness types — bit of advice, me gig­gling and stuff. Wish me luck!

*phrase stolen from Tiararama — still tick­les me. Tow­ers.


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