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Wearable Technology

By Golfrefugees
Wearable technology is a growing trend. Future garments will be able to monitor everything from health parameters such as your heart beat, to recharging your smart phones using flexible solar panels, real time feedback for performance athletes and many other applications.
Golf Refugees with our little green beanies on are currently researching and developing wearable technology apparel to provide information to increase consumer awareness.
Think of the scenario when you are strolling down the fairways with your playing partners and apparel sensors detects one of your golfers are wearing clothing made in a sweatshop. The sensors will illuminate LED’s embedded into you shirt and activate a ‘sweatshop’ graphic with a directional arrow, which points towards the offending shirt. If you happen to be standing in-between two golfers wearing unethical sweatshop apparel, the illuminated directional arrow on your shirt with flick, pointing to one side and then the other.
You can also imagine the situation when you are a spectator following and supporting your favorite professional golfers on tour. Standing near them on the tee could activate the sensors.
We appreciate this may be uncomfortable for some highly sponsored professional golfers who also wear sweatshop apparel, but hey, sometimes the truth hurts.

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