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We Spent Chinese New Year in Hospital Battling Influenza A

By Yongwei318
We spent Chinese New Year in hospital battling Influenza A
On the evening of Chinese New Year Eve, Baby See developed a fever of 38 degrees. Upon reaching KKH and making payment for A&E charges, his temperature was checked and we were given priority queue to see the doctor as he's only a month+ old. 
While in the doctor's room, his fever did not subside and the doctor recommend Baby See to be hospitalized as he is only a month+ old for observation. After settling the admission administration, we were brought up to the ward where the nurse changed Baby See into KKH's gown. The nurse asked me what was Baby See's preferred formula. He drinks Nan Pro but the hospital doesn't have it so it is either we rush home to take it or we use the brand that the hospital has. 
To find out the cause of his fever, a couple of tests was run. 
1) Nasal swab2) Urine test3) Lumbar puncture
For the urine test, an urinary catheter had to be inserted to collect the urine sample. As for the lumbar puncture, a needle is inserted at the lower spine to collect a sample of cerebrospinal fluid. These were done in a room down the corridor but still, I could recognize my baby's cries and my heart sank.
As they only allowed one parent to stay in hospital overnight, I asked the doctor if its okay for me to stay and look after Baby See as I have just recovered from a fever the day before and am still recovering from my sore throat and cough. Both doctors (1 junior and 1 senior) asked if I'm taking medication which I am and told me that its okay and that I should still continue to breastfeed Baby See and latch him even though I'm unwell. I later confirmed these with another 2 doctors that were on shift duty and they told me the same. ** Fellow mummies and mummies-to-be, don't let anyone deter you from taking care of your child when you're unwell because this is the time that your child needs you most. **
We spent Chinese New Year in hospital battling Influenza A
After 2-3 hours, I saw that Baby See is out and the nurse was soothing him. She told me that she gave Baby See my expressed breast milk as well as supplement with the brand of formula milk that KKH has for the urine test. Later in the day, my Mom brought Baby See's formula milk from home as we wanted to make sure that he's drinking something that he's used to. My heart sank again when I saw that an IV was placed on Baby See. 
As Baby See was on antibiotics and tamiflu, his fever subsided by the morning of Chinese New Year  Day 1. As he kept poo-ing, he had very bad diaper rash near his anus. When I asked one of the nurses if it might be due to the Huggies Platinum diapers that was used in hospital, she recommend that we bring his diaper cream from home. Thus, my mom went back and brought his regular Mustela vitamin barrier cream down along with his regular diapers, Merries. However, it didn't help so another nurse recommended Desitin Maximum Strength and it went away after a day. 
In the afternoon of Chinese New Year Day 1, the results for Baby See's nasal swab was out and it was Influenza A positive. When we asked the doctor what caused it and she said it could be due to airborne, Influenza A carrier whom sneezed or cough near him plus its the flu season lately so its more prone to be down with it but its hard to determine what is the real cause. When I asked how to keep Influenza A at bay, the doctor told me that getting a vaccine would help, washing hands frequently with soap or using hand sanitizer and not to touch our face with unwashed hands. When I enquired on the incubation period for Influenza A, the doctor told me that it differs from person to person. 
I remember two occasions which touched my heart, one was when I came back to a crying Baby See being soothed by a nurse when I went to sterilize my pump parts and another which happens to be Baby See's milk time when I dozed off and one of the nurses asked if I needed her help. I told her its okay I can manage and she helped to bring over warm water for me to make formula milk for Baby See. 
We spent Chinese New Year in hospital battling Influenza A
No doubt it was tiring during that 3 days when Baby See was in hospital - from feeding him, sterilizing his bottles and my pump parts, changing his diapers and pumping breastmilk, I am glad that he battled influenza A and is now well. Special thanks to the doctors and nurses of KKH Ward 56 for taking care of Baby See.
P.S: I took the .gif image above 2 days after Baby See was discharged and boy, he was so game in posing for me!

Symptoms of Influenza A

- Fatigue- Cough
- Fever above 37.5 degrees
- Runny/stuffy nose
- Sore throat
- Vomiting
- Diarrhoea
What causes Influenza A?
- Airborne
- Influenza A carrier sneezing or coughing nearby
How to prevent Influenza A?
- Getting a vaccine
- Washing hands frequently with soap or using hand sanitizer
- Do not touch face with unwashed hands

The reason why I chose to write about Baby See battling Influenza A is because I want to share about my experience as well as spread awareness on Influenza A and how it can affect anyone, even babies. I hope you found this post useful.   -------------------- CONNECT WITH --------------------SWEETESTSINS
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