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We Do It To Ourselves

By Shawnaschuh


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This past weekend my husband and I spent four glorious days on horseback. Riding in the Oregon forest –


Sitting atop a horse moving in a peaceful rhythm through rich, lush foliage helps a person to think, clear their mind, and relax into being present. It was just what I needed.


There was a man who rode with us each day, a friend of my husband. He was rear-ended in his truck the day he left to come riding so he hauled his horse trailer with a bended bumper and a sore back, which he mentioned often.


As the days of riding progressed he complained of other things, he was mad about the bumper, about other bad luck he kept having, about difficulties. Mostly I rode in a state of wonder and didn’t pay that much attention, it was so beautiful, there were other positive people riding and I felt blessed.


The last day however it was only this man, my husband and me. It was also the fourth day of complaining and I noticed my attitude shifting, my joy ebbing a bit and feeling put off, put out and put upon – that’s a lot of puts!


So I started thinking about the lessons – at first I admit I was thinking about less stellar things – especially when I asked one or two simple questions to this man like, “What are you reading?” or “What are you doing to move forward?” and I got sharp and hurtful replies.


Then I remembered that I am only in charge of my attitude. I can only control me, my thoughts, my feelings and actions, the same as him, the same as you.


No one steals another person’s joy, or ruins their day.


We do it to ourselves by our thinking and our mindset.


The trip was glorious for my mind, body and spirit and it proved to me yet again that there are lessons in everything if we look for them.


Enjoy this Tuesday!

Blessings, Shawna


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