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Ways to Bring Bombastic Traffic on Your Blog

Posted on the 25 October 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist
This topic cannot be covered ever fully by any blogger but I keep reiterating in my various interactions with various communities that there are ways to get your website Bombarded with Traffic. These ways are obviously not the shortcut black hat ways which were kicked recently by Google Panda Update. Before I proceed to tell you the best ways to make your website go crazy with traffic, traffic and traffic. The implementation is completely dependent on individual so as much you work on these ways you will find website shining in between hords of similar others.
1. Hard Work:- I start with something which is driven by an individual as much you do a hard work on various aspects of your website. Your website will give learning everyday. And don't forget to write everyday.
2. Proper SEO:- This is very important not to forget three alphabets S.E.O. use appropriate contents to write articles, create podcasts, upload videos.
3. Free Course:- Generating Website traffic by other way is by creating a Free course. Creating a free course matching your website genre can be traffic boosters and keeps your readers attached to your website.
4. Article Marketing:- This for those Bloggers who donot feel comfortable writing straight away for Hundred Thousand readers. If you feel uncomfortable in doing so there are many online article submission websites.
5. Blog Commenting:- If you are intelligent enough to write the perfect comment to make readers go gaga about it, you are making your blog popular.
6. Forums:- This is the most tested and favourite way in blogging arena to promote your blog. The Blog forums are actually the best way to help fellow bloggers as well as making you popular in blogging community.
7. Guest Blogging:- The absolute number 1 to make your blog go popular among hundred thousand readers of a popular blog considering the talent and efficiency you give to your post. The post when presented to the popular blog. I am sure author and the reader will appraise there heart out.

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