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Wax Tears

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Wax Tears

by Titus Boy

Lonely is the wolf when you are away

A piece of him missing, leaving him lost, confused and in utter dismay

The wings of the phoenix spread over the horizon

Gone is her fire. No lust for life, no more passion

Blue is the flame of The candle of her heart.

Wax dripping like tears. How long must they part?

Time stands still. Her lungs take no air. All color has lost its polish.

Everything meaningless without him to share.

Apart for centuries.  So much to learn.  Is it too much to ask?

Will they have a turn?  - Love, life, happiness

They beg, plead, and implore! For life’s basics

….one filed with love.

Is it too much? Is it out of grasp?

Is it truly too much for them to ask?

Angered to be given the rarest of gifts

 Never to open… Never to unwrap…

What is the point? What is the reason?

What have they ever done? Will they never have a season?

They grow and transcend, one life into the next

Needing to come together. The start of a new dimension

Will they be put be side by side? Two pieces of the puzzle

It’s the only way for completion.

Their story needs an ending. A happily ever after

The time is now, their time has come

Its time for two hearts to beat together

It’s the time for the two

To become one

Renee Robinson

Wax Tears

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