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Watercolor Dragonfly

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Watercolor Dragonfly I’ve found that symmetrical images generally make the best introduction to drawing and painting for young students. It also helps to have the art touch the edges of the paper to overcome the tendency to make images too small.
1. Draw the head circle in pencil near the top center of the paper. Add the thorax below, and then the abdomen which should almost touch the bottom of the paper. Two pairs of wings are drawn coming out of the thorax. Lines are added to the wings and abdomen.
2. The lines are traced with a chisel tipped black Sharpie marker.
3. All the shapes are painted with liquid watercolor paints. I like the Dick Blick brand as they are so vibrant.
Thanks to Illana, a 4th grader at my school who make this beautiful painting today.

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