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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
When writing this post, I had a craving for some Pepsi. It’s probably out of habit, or the fact that I might be slightly addicted, but this time I managed to grab a glass of water instead. This doesn’t usually happen. Normally, I grab a can of Pepsi after work and another after dinner. Water? Who needs water when you can get a nice refreshing taste of fizz instead? That’s what my brain tells me. I understand it’s not the healthiest mindset to have, but it’s there nonetheless.
To me, water is undervalued; regularly underestimated. Since my job involves being on my feet, I find myself drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated (which has my mind justifying the whole idea of drinking Pepsi as a “reward” when I get back home). Besides from requiring a bathroom break every other half an hour, I don’t really notice it when I’m hydrated.This is compared to Pepsi, or coffee/tea, where an hour of energy then leads to two hours of lethargy.
It’s crazy. Water is literally the only drink that doesn’t do anything bad after consumption. If the water is contaminated, then obviously you’re in for a rough night. But compare water to every other drink out there. Excessive tea can heighten anxiety. Juice damages teeth. Alcohol causes all sorts. Not everyone can drink milk straight, and milk isn’t as accessible as water.
What does water do? Its common knowledge how beneficial water is: it hydrates. Hydration is like a bonus skill in a video game which makes you immune to a lot of stuff. It’s insane. Dry skin? Not if my friend water has anything to say about it. Got a cold? Let me just stock up on water.
Then why isn’t everyone building statues of Evian and worshipping water as the rightful God it is? We all know why — water doesn’t taste like anything. It’s boring, you just drink it and then you’re done. If you’re in a restaurant enjoying a three-course meal, it’s a terrible sign for the restaurant if the highlight is the water.
Water is boring. No one likes boring. Go to a pub and only get a glass of water and there’s a large chance you’ll feel out of place. Go a day of work without caffeine and it’ll begin to feel like the hands on the clock are slowing down. Water never quite cuts it.
But it’s nothing except helpful. It’s the most beneficial drink out there, yet we regularly choose not to drink it. I don’t think we’re ignorant, we know well enough that water is healthy for us. It’s just that, whenever we have to choose, there’s always the feeling of something out there being more suited to the mood.
I’m not going to give advice on how you should drink more water. It’s common sense that I presume you’ll have heard a million times by now. Instead, I’ll give you this poem.
An Ode To Water
This is an ode to water,
our natural elixir,
the bringer of hydration,
renowned hangover killer.
It floats in clouds and gushes
making rivers, oceans, lakes.
It brings life to the mountains,
to the forests, cities, plains.
From fish to birds, to lizards,
to the insects sipping dew;
to mammals, plants, this water
will provide us days anew.
We know water is tasteless,
that its look is rather tame,
but still we raise our glasses
for the drink that never takes.
Dean Tsang, 2017. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


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