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Wasteland Empires, Real-time Strategy Game From CrowdStar

Posted on the 23 October 2011 by Bhasunjaya

Wasteland Empires is something totally different from any other games comes from CrowdStar, a Facebook game far from happy and pink themed social games. In this Facebook real-time strategy game, you will be leading a band of scraggly nomads who’ve settled around a pure source of water. A post-apocalyptic setting game which something feels like Warcraft or Starcraft.

Combat will be asynchronous. The combat works much like in a game like Edgeworld. While in combat, the player can control up to six different unit types at once, sending each type to different places in the settlement for an element of strategy. The only defenses in the game are weapons towers constructed by the opponent. Wasteland Empires does not allow players to attack friends and there is no alliance or chat feature in place.

Socially, Wasteland Empires allows resource gifts to be given among friends. This game also uses a gold currency used to speed up build times which you can either buy, or just earn through leveling up. Wasteland Empires monetizes through the sale of a premium currency, gold, which is mainly used for speeding up building construction. Interestingly, players can also earn gold by leveling up in addition to purchasing batches of it with Facebook Credits.

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