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Wasted Years by Iron Maiden

Posted on the 01 March 2012 by Melodicwisdom

So I never thought much about Iron Maiden back in the 80s except of course for the fact that they had the coolest album covers ever made. Somehow though, I saw them as nothing more than another band based on this “dark” image that I thought was a bit silly. In the years since, I have grown to really appreciate what they have done and just how good they were and still are. I mean, let’s face it, is there anything more badass than Steve Harris standing there perched with one leg on his stage monitor and his fingers a blur as he simply mauls his bass strings? There is a plethora of tunes that I could post here but I chose Wasted Years simply for the fact that it’s subject matter is far from anything “satanic” or any of that sort of thing. It also perfectly displays musically what they are all about.

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