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There It Goes by Smashing Pumpkins

Posted on the 19 March 2023 by Melodicwisdom

There It Goes is another excellent example of a song you just can't understand how it never made it past the demo version. Smashing Pumpkins have a plethora of songs in their library, and there are still some out there that we have yet to know about.

There It Goes was written in 1988 and shelved until 2012, when the demo was finally released on the deluxe reissue of Pisces Iscariot. There is one live version floating around on YouTube from October 1988.

The good news is that Billy must appreciate this gem more nowadays because he's recently performed it live quite a few times. In fact, that's actually how I came across the song - I saw a live recording at Madame Zuzu's one night, and he just happened to be playing the song. I instantly loved it and searched for it on Youtube.

The song describes a relationship where one person frequently hurts the other emotionally. However, the wounded individual can't seem to let go of them completely, and every time they see them, they are right back where they started. At the same time, however, the wounded individual is constantly fearful of what will happen next.

there it goes
playing with my heart again
I don't know when
I'm gonna come up for air
for you now, again
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