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Wassup Wednesday? Modogamous Release!

By Francinelasala @francinelasala

IMG_2261_voteFor today’s Wassup Wednesday, I have author Karen E. Martin talking about her new release, Modogamous!

A bit about Karen…

Karen E. Martin, M.Ed. is a full-time freelance writer/editor. She has been in the publishing business since 2004, working on books and publications for major and independent publishers, universities, businesses, and private individuals. Prior to entering the field of publishing, Ms. Martin worked as a Senior EFL Fellow (English as a Foreign Language) for the U.S. Department of State in Romania, a Junior EFL Fellow for the U.S. Department of State in Jordan, and a teacher-trainer for the U.S Peace Corps in Mauritania, Jordan, Romania, and Morocco. Ms. Martin served as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years, teaching English in the Errachidia Province of Morocco.This is Ms. Martin’s first novel.

Welcome, Karen!


Hi, Francine! Wassup???

I thought I’d share a little tidbit from early on in the book. It’s no secret that a pug factors into this story somehow. Today, I’d like to invite readers to find out more this cute little guy’s role. Enjoy!



Kate closed the front door behind her and slumped against it with relief. It had been a long, long day at work, and all she wanted to do now was sink into the bathtub and enjoy an evening of peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, there was about to be Drama. In the form of a wiggling, wagging, hysterically barking, incredibly ugly, slobbering little chunk of a dog.

And it was jumping on her.

Kate’s satchel crashed to the ground and she shrieked. Evette came tearing around the corner, wild-eyed, and rushed to grab up the yappity ball of fur. “Kate, stop it, you’re scaring him!”

“I’m scaring him? That thing nearly gave me a heart attack! Vetta, why the heck is there a dog in the house?” Kate scowled, crouching down to gather up the things that had spilled out of her bag onto the floor.

“What?” she batted her eyelashes. “You knew I was getting a dog. I told you.” Evette feigned a look of innocence, but Kate knew her well enough to read the mix of confidence and guilt that lurked just beneath the surface. Evette was the kind of gal who preferred to ask for forgiveness, rather than permission. It was one of the traits that Kate loved best about her friend—except when it was used against her. This wasn’t the first time she’d been the victim of some such stunt by Evette, and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

“When?” demanded Kate, crossing her arms in front of her chest with an exasperated look. “When did you tell me you were getting a dog?”

“The other day at the café, at breakfast.” Evette cuddled the quivering little pug close to her chest, rubbing her own nose against its tiny black one and making soothing shushing sounds. “Awww, precious, did big bad Katie scare you, my widdle angel?”

Ugh, baby talk…revolting! “Oh, come on. I didn’t know you were serious with all that stupid talk about modogamy. We were just humoring you.” Kate gauged Evette’s expression at zero percent humor.

“Maybe it was all just funny talk to you, but I was dead serious. I’m through with men. It’s just me and Drama from now on. And anyway, it’s too late to take him back to the shelter now,” she said defiantly.

“Drama?” Kate raised one eyebrow.

“Yes, Drama. That’s his name.” Evette offered the pup in Kate’s direction, but Kate flung up her hands and backed away, the revulsion on her face reminiscent of a new father facing his first poopy diaper. Then Kate threw her head back and laughed until her sides started to ache.

“Well,” she gasped for air between snorts, “with a name like that, he should be a perfect fit for you!”
Evette flounced out of the room, taking her furball with her.


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ebook final cover 11.30.2013
Kate Adams has it all figured out. Five years out of college, she’s got a steady job, a home she loves in the big city, and good friends who always keep her laughing:  her stylish but nosy roommate Evette, happily-married Cecie, and of course, good old Mitch, her seriously cute co-worker who’s been stuck in the Friend Zone since the day they met.

Everything is going just fine—until the night Kate crosses the line with Mitch, and the boundaries between friendship and love begin to blur. Things get even more complicated when hunky JP enters the scene. What’s a girl to do? Add to the mix a spunky little pug Kate never expected to fall for, and her neatly-ordered life is starting to look more like a dog’s dinner.  Maybe her roommate has the right idea after all:  forget the men, and stick with a canine companion instead.

It’s time for Kate to figure out what she really wants in life. But can she dig her way out of the mess she’s created before she ends up permanently in the doghouse?

Contact Karen about writing, publishing, and literature by using the links below:


Let’s connect! Find me on Twitter and Facebook, and email me: [email protected].

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