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Washi Tape Picture Frame

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen
Picture Washi Tape Picture Frame Art Washi Tape Picture Frame Washi tape, oh Washi tape, how I love thee... How much fun is Washi tape?  Seriously!? It's a boatload of fun for me!  I have a couple of projects in mind, and here is one of two that I am sharing this week on PinkWhen.com.
What exactly is Washi Tape you might ask?  Washi tape is the enigma of a crafty surprise.  The best way to describe Washi Tape is by saying it is a masking tape.  Not just any masking tape, but a masking tape that is full of wonderful patterns, colors, designs, and sizes.  Oh yes, it's like a zero calorie, full flavored, chocolate ice cream cone on a hot day! 
You can look, and FIND Washi tape at just about any craft store or online crafting store.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of designs you can choose from.  
For this project I only needed two things:
  • $1 craft store wooden picture frame
  • $2 10 yard roll of Washi Tape
  • (ok three things, you need a pretty picture!)
Picture How to use Washi Tape You are going to love these simple and easy instructions. Ready?
  • Tape your frame
  • DONE!
Seriously, it's that easy!  Washi tape is very easy to use.  I will tell you that on this project I did multiple strips so I could stay with this pattern.  You can look close at the picture and see the strips as my camera lens picked it up with the light.  The good news is that you don't see those lines hardly at all with the naked eye.  (Well maybe if you are looking for them!) Picture Washi Tape Picture Frame Art Insert picture and done!  
You have to try this.  It is my new love, and I cannot wait to see what else I can use this on.  I have a few more projects up my sleeve, and another Washi tape project coming up this Friday.  So what are you waiting for, go get some Washi tape and craft!
(Note:  I am not paid to say that or an affiliate with a Washi tape company.  I am just in LOVE with it and want to tell YOU all about it.)
Washi Tape Picture Frame

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