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*WARNING* This is A Rant About the Person Who Has Been Attacking Me Via Posts and Poems

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

First let me say sorry for having to make such a post, But there is only so much a man can take, and even though I have changed and I am no longer the violent person I use to be, I think it’s necessary just this once to let the old me come back for a post because I will not be attacked by a worthless Goon again.

Recently this childish person has been creating several posts aimed at me and has made several pathetic attempts to make me mad or to further provoke a reaction from me.

Congratulations you finally succeeded with your post today.

Dear Haters

Recently as many of you know I allowed someone to feature my very first poem I published on my blog. As many of you know I love to participate in any contest’s and challenges on WordPress that I find interesting or fun. I submitted my poem and was contacted by this person saying he would be glad to feature my poetry and all of that. So I agreed to let him feature me on his website I liked what he was doing for all the poets here on WordPress and I honestly felt a bit sorry for him given the fact his page was not receiving much attention.

After being Featured I started receiving a ton of hate mail and nasty comments, some from people who had blogs connected to there Gravatar profiles and some who made a profile just to leave a comment on my blog without being able to be detected or otherwise identified. I suspected the person who featured my poetry because he is known for attacking people on here and I was also told by a few people to consider him and his online girlfriend as suspects, but I kept all of that to myself. It just was not worth my time. Some people even got jealous for whatever reason…maybe it was how successful my blog was doing maybe it was because I finally started getting some feedback and or likes, I don’t know what motivated these shady goons to start sending me such crap but they did.

Soon after I made my first ever Rant he has been trying to provoke me so I will feed the animal even though the signs always say posted up at zoo’s not to engage in such acts…But I will just this once just for my own amusement. Here is the link in case you missed it or for whatever reason are interested in viewing it:

—>“My View/Rant on Shady People”<—

Since I started receiving these attacks and since a few people decided to make a few posts about me I have been defending myself in a rather…adult type of manner. By ignoring the majority of them besides this new post of his and one other comment someone made on me and my writing.

The only thing I have done is composed a post about my view on shady people and what I need to change in my life, I haven’t made any posts about this clown,  I haven’t mentioned him in anything, hell I haven’t even thought of this fool but since he likes to attack me just about every other day with some new post or cowardly dig hidden inside comments or what have you…  I will resort to gorilla tactics if that’s what it takes to be left alone by a 30 year old loser who parades around attacking people for no other reason besides he is simply jealous of hard work and progress.

He has since made yet another round of posts infused with digs aimed at me and has made several comment’s to people he considers “acquaintances or friends” who in turn shared his comments with me. He has also accused me and another person of being “Racist” simply because we are conservatives who don’t agree with Liberal slander and propaganda. I guess I’m a racist since I am not a Liberal, that’s what he insists anyway…anyone who knows me and my family will tell you that’s the funniest thing they have ever heard!  But like this person says, I am a racist simply because I wont agree with him and his terrorist way of thinking… I also don’t believe in conspiracy theories…maybe that’s why he hates me? =O

Since he feels the need to constantly try and belittle me I figured I would make a post explaining what has transpired. Everyone who knows me knows honesty is the most important thing to me in life, so I felt I had to defend myself against these childish attacks and accusations. It has come to a point where I honestly don’t have a choice but to defend myself so I will.

I was even approached by someone who asked me to join in on a “Rant” or an”attack” of some kind that was going to involve getting back at “This person” who has been attacking me, for him responding negatively on one of their posts and for the “America hating content he likes to produce on his blog”. (That was their words not mine)  Being the person that I am.. I swiftly denied to participate and told this person I had no interest in doing anything of the sort, however I did say I agree with you defending yourself in whatever way you feel is necessary, and that people who speak badly about our country deserve a swift kick in the nuts.  -And that was the end of that-

Let me make it very clear to this Man Child and whoever else that decides to comment on this situation in the future, I haven’t done anything to you…I have been living my life and composing Poetry/working/minding my own business…why you have been doing all this crap is beyond me but the fact is I don’t really care why…I do care though once someone starts posting lies and accusations about me… that is when I cross the line that was drawn in the sand.

Honestly how can anyone take someone seriously who creates poetry degrading women and claiming everyone’s writing and poetry sucks in comparison with his.

(Just take a look at the content on his blog and you will understand what I mean)

How can anyone -like- or get along with a person who spews hatred towards the very country they were born and raised in…how can anyone believe a thing that comes out of your mouth when you are constantly lying…lies that are obviously false and born from jealous rage or hatred.

I honestly didn’t do anything to you…but like I said in my rant I will always defend myself, I tried ignoring all the nonsense you have been passing around but when my own best friend says to me “You need to stand up for yourself, enough is enough”…Thats when I can no longer ignore such juvenile banter.

You said in your post today “Hear me out, and before you conclude I speak out of jealousy” uh I will cut you off there… sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the only motivate you have for attacking me…I have not done a thing to you or anyone you associate with bud..I highly suggest you leave me alone…before you actually make me mad.

You can gladly choose to believe rumors and he says she says stuff if you want, but the truth is I haven’t engaged in anything that concerns you so please keep on letting me know how much you actually envy me and what I have accomplished in only a month of blogging. =]

And just in case you are wondering how I feel about you I am going to make it perfectly clear to you and everyone else on WordPress:

I do not like or associate with guys who feel the need to degrade women and promote rape and violence.

I do not get along with judgmental liberals or anyone who likes to create or discuss conspiracy theories.

I do not like or get along with people who like to talk bad about this country and the people who reside here.

I don’t get along with people who curse every 5 seconds because they are suffering from little man syndrome or whatever the reason is for such vulgar language.

I will never let someone like you belittle me or judge me without defending myself.

In my eyes you are a worthless goon who try’s to portray the rap artists you watch on your TV, You like to attack people who you think won’t defend themselves which is extremely cowardly and shows your true nature.

This is how I feel about you, Listen to ME and not other people who I have never spoke with in any way shape or form. I don’t care what your response is I won’t be reading it and I certainly will never again be wasting my time on a person like you ever again.

Felt good to clear all this up though I must say =]

I will also be taking down my featured Poem, I always end up getting BIT for trying to help people, but that’s just who I am I guess, I love meeting new people and helping when I can.

I hope you have enjoyed my rant and I am Sorry for whoever ends up reading this rather boring and chaotically dull little rant…but enough is enough I am tired of being attacked by a fool and his fake online girlfriend.


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