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Warm Bodies: Movie Reviews

Posted on the 22 February 2013 by Rukhaiyaaramrit
Last time I watched a Jonathan Levine's film [50/50], I liked it. This time, I liked it again. This is a partly romantic film, with a zombie protagonist. You may think of it as strange, zombie, lead actors; what kind of stupid combination is that? It is a very unusual and unique concept in film-making. "Warm Bodies" is very admirable, as far as the idea is concerned. It is an adaptation of  the novel of the same name, so the credit should also go to the Author, Isaac Marion.

So, the plot is Zombies have taken over, they are everywhere. Yet one of them, named R, played by Nicholas Hoult, with a  mind that works, is not the typical zombie we have seen again and again. He actually thinks and this leads him to fall for a girl, played by Teresa Palmer.

At this point, you will realize that you are not watching an apocalyptic thriller, with zombie slashers. Soon he becomes more human like as she too start liking him. So, to see, if a zombie can find solace with love. This is the theme of this film. And it is a great ideology. 

Warm Bodies: Movie Reviews

Although, the story line may sound a little ridiculous, it is put in a way, I am sure people would like to buy it. There is another Zombie, M, played by Rob Corddry, he was funny all through.Warm Bodies is a package of Comedy, Romance and a bit of Zombie like Horror. The story line is very fresh, well paced and directed very well. I am not sure about it getting awards, but viewers will love it.Movie Geeks Ratings: 7/10Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa PalmerDirected by: Jonathan Levine-------------------------Author: Amrit Rukhaiyaar

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