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Warm Balls

By Golfrefugees
The fact that cold weather affects your golf ball is not rocket science. It is just the simple fact that temperature has an effect on the properties of almost any material. According to a former USGA technical director, the difference is about 2 yards of carry for every 10 degree drop in temperature. This means that playing with a golf ball that is 42 degrees it will carry about 6 yards shorter. The ideal temperature for a golf ball is between 70 and 90 degrees. Adhere to the Phil Mickelson strategy. He plays with a softer lower compression golf ball in cold weather in order to maintain a similar feel. There are ways that you can lessen the effects of temperature on them. For example; you can warm your golf balls up prior to the round. Place them on a towel in the bottom of a pot of water and heat the water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That is about the temperature hot tap water. Leave them in the 120 water for 30 minutes and then dry them off and put them in an insulated container to take with you. It’s also a good idea to change balls fairly often. The Rules of Golf allow you to do this. In the Decisions on the Rules of Golf Decision 14-3/13.5 basically states that warming golf balls during the round is a violation of Rule 14-3, golf balls warmed prior to playing are OK. Or simply play with a naturally heat-absorbing original black golf ball in the sunshine.

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