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War of the Roses- His and Hers Bathrooms on the Rise

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

It’s a war of the roses and it seems that many couples are choosing to include his and hers vanities in their bathroom remodels. Could this be because men and women are just tired of bumping into one another every morning? We wish it was that simple but there’s a deeper motive. Although you may not realize it now, many individuals are aware of the changes that are influencing this recent trend in bathroom design.

Mediterranean His and Hers Bathroom

Mediterranean Inspired His and Hers Bathroom. Image via Houzz. See more Mediterranean Designs.

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Battle of the Sexes

Opposites attract but the case is not so in the bathroom. With the shifting structure of the typical American household, many women are now employed in the workforce. This means that it’s more common to see two people heading out the door in the morning instead of the male who is the traditional bread earner. Home design adjusts to culture and this change has begun to reshape the modern bathroom.

Recent surveys have shown that the essential ingredients of a glamorous bathroom are constantly changing. Whether it’s a free-standing shower or something as subtle as a increased storage space for makeup, it is clear that homeowners need a bathroom that will cater to their everyday needs.

We’ve begun to see some jaw-dropping bathroom layouts that would put to shame the bathrooms of your parents. In order to create a more functional space in the bathroom, you’ll have to reach some level of compromise. Transitional styles may be a feasible solution. Blending masculine and feminine bathroom designs into a comprehensive layout will require a bit of forethought and planning.

His and Hers Shower

Image via Pinterest.

His and Hers Bathroom Ideas

A his and hers bathroom is built to accommodate both heads of household without leading to an early morning fight before the day even gets started. Fighting over the sink with your elbows as you skip around your bathroom in an unorchestrated dance of musical chairs. These days are over.

In order to create the ideal environment, a proper his and hers bathroom requires ample space, a double sink, and possibly a double shower if you have room for it. Floating vanities are a contemporary style that has begun to emerge and can work wonders freeing up extra space in the bathroom.

A well-spaced area is the key to designing a his and hers bathroom that is able to appease the desires of both partners. Counter space is like gold in the bathroom. Check out these gold countertops, amazing! You can spread the wealth by increasing storage and tucking cosmetic items away with an extra linen cabinet.

Caroline Avenue Double Sink Vanity

The 73″ Caroline Avenue Double Sink Vanity from Virtu USA.

Lighting is another area that many fail to address in the bathroom. Being that this is the place where we freshen up and prepare ourselves for the days adventures, we need to be able to see our hair and makeup. Improper lighting cause you to forget certain spots and garner some unwanted reactions from friends and coworkers. Bad hair day anyone?

Adding mirrors to your his and hers bathroom will alleviate the strain when trying to peek into view behind your spouse. An extended mirror that covers a double vanity is the perfect solution. Not only that, you will be able to see more of your attire when figuring out what to wear. Stand alone mirrors can also be a viable option for those yearning for a his and hers bathroom of their own.

His and Hers Bathroom

Image via InteriorHolic.com.

His and Hers Bathroom ideas

Cute his and Hers Bathroom

Cute His & Hers Bathroom Signs.

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