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Want To Be Successful? Top 3 Common Negative Thoughts You Must Quickly Erase From Your Memory

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Want To Be Successful? Top 3 Common Negative Thoughts You Must Quickly Erase From Your MemoryB ecoming a successful person in whatever you do is not as easy as eating cake. Success itself is not something that can just pop up overnight. It's something you have to work relentlessly for; something you don't just get cheaply!

How do you see success? It's in your attitude, it's the person you are! Success is your personality, it's embedded in you... you only need to discover it.

Success is a means of reputation building. Success is what opens windows of opportunity and this is why successful people continue to record more success in their engagements.

Success and problems of negative thoughts

Success is in our head; it's what we think about almost every minutes but the problem is being able to achieve it.

The obvious fact is that everyone wants to be successful but success isn't achievable just by wishing alone, you have to work for it to be able to get it.

What do you have in mind? So do you think about success like me and everyone else? What you should understand is that your thoughts are like ideas or mental pictures, imagined and contemplated by thinking, and they are playing major roles in your life.

Common Negative Thoughts You Must Urgently Erase

"Your story of resilience and persistence will serve as an example that inspires and motivates others."

As mentioned above, your thoughts influence your personal development and achievements. If you think you can't do it, you will never achieve it!

To be successful, you need to find something to hold on to; find something to motivate and inspire you, and then harness and channel the right thoughts that will enable you to reach your potentials.

Below are some of the thoughts that are mistakenly carried out by the best of us at times and may be the reason why you couldn't reach that level of success you have been hoping for.

#1). Stop copying and comparing yourself with other people

Want To Be Successful? Top 3 Common Negative Thoughts You Must Quickly Erase From Your Memory
We are all fond of comparing ourselves with other people, especially those that are doing well than us and probably shared almost identical family background with us. We compare everything; we compare our childhood, the school we attended, the dress we used to wear and even the food we used to eat.

We wonder why they are doing well than us but we usually forget that everyone is unique in his or her own way. Because you were born and probably grew up in the same neighbourhood with someone does not mean anything. Stop comparing yourself to others and rather channel your energy towards how you can make yourself a better person.

Always remember that there is only one YOU and trying to be like anyone is a total waste of time. Don't get me wrong, you can borrow from someone's success story to motivate and inspire you. Too much of comparison can lead to jealousy and rather than being positively inspired and motivated by their success stories, you will become disillusioned and hopeless.

Many entrepreneurs push you to follow your passion and to observe successful people and do what they do. I also believed this. Do what they do but do it in your own way; add your own personal flare and passion along with your high energy and action and you will succeed on your own accord and merit.

So from now on, embrace who you are and concentrate on what you can. Stop copying and comparing yourself with other people; it causes more harms than good.

#2). Perfectionism kills motivation and inspiration

Want To Be Successful? Top 3 Common Negative Thoughts You Must Quickly Erase From Your Memory
It is good to be perfect at least to a certain degree but not looking for absolute perfection. This is why if you really want to be successful in life, perfectionism is another common negative thought you must quickly erase from your memory.

Successful entrepreneurs don't believe in perfectionism because they know that no one is perfect. Successful entrepreneurs usually leave spaces for improvements because they understand the fact that nobody is never going to be perfect.

Could you imagine a world with total perfection? It would be boring and there would be no thrill of risk and nothing better to strive for or look forward to.

I believe imperfection makes something beautiful, real and different and this is how most successful people in the world get to where they are now, by embracing their flaws/imperfections and putting everything they can into their passion!

#3). Don't self-hate, you are good enough!

Want To Be Successful? Top 3 Common Negative Thoughts You Must Quickly Erase From Your Memory
Another common negative thought you must quickly erase from your memory is the thinking that you are not 'good enough' to do something or to achieve certain success. Start believing in yourself, it's very important!

"Breakthroughs are made when we change the way we think, when we alter our beliefs and open our mind to its full and witty potential."

Most of us are guilty of this negative thought because that is the exact way we at times see ourselves. However, who are you or anyone else for that matter to say that you are not good enough?

I honestly believe that your mind is the most powerful tool you have and thoughts become things! This is why the ability to achieve success is in our mind and the application of our knowledge and idea is what we all need to work on to be successful in life.

So, from now on, start telling yourself that you are good enough, or better yet that you are too good and even if you don't believe it, you will start to etch this out and create what once was just a vision.

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