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Taking It to The Max: Smart Steps to Growing Your Startup

Posted on the 12 August 2017 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Taking It to The Max: Smart Steps to Growing Your StartupY ou've mastered the first step to starting a business. You've taken the steps to put your ideas into action to create a business that you believe will serve a need to the public successfully.

While you're anxious to get started, you realise you're just another name in a sea of competition.

Gaining access to customers and earning revenue requires you to grow your business, build your brand and develop relationships.

How to grow your startup to the maximum

Do you know how to grow your startup to the maximum? Do you actually know how to keep your company moving forward with smart business expansion principles?

So, how do you start? What elements should you focus on? The road to success may be different for everyone, but the below mentioned factors should be considered for any business to grow.

#1]. Network and connect

Some of the most successful businesses have professional ties with other companies in the industry. By developing a network of professionals, you can turn to you have more resources at your fingertips to grow your business.

Networking allows you to share knowledge and ask questions of like-minded professionals, it creates an environment for opportunities, it opens you up to other markets and connections, and it also allows you to get your brand name out there. How can you connect with other business professionals and potential clients?

  • Attend Networking Events and Trade Shows - There are often networking events for startups and entrepreneurs that you can attend. You can find out about these events by following organizations on social media, joining professional groups and organizations, and checking regularly at local hotels where such events are often held.
  • Host your own event - There's no better way to introduce yourself to the professional world than to host your own networking event. With the use of digital tools like a conference app and social media, inviting and updating guests won't be much of an issue. During the event, you have the opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer and build lasting connections.

#2]. Build Awareness

Being known among other businesses is a must, but you can't grow your business if potential customers don't know you exist. Brand awareness is an imperative and continual part of growing your business.

While some of this is done through providing quality service, a lot of building brand awareness will come from your ability to market your business. Two common areas of marketing are traditional and digital:

  • Traditional Marketing - This is your typical marketing tactics that have been used for years. This includes marketing methods like using business cards, flyers, promotional products, signage, cold calls, commercials, radio broadcasts, and other solutions to spread awareness about your brand.
  • Digital Marketing - Whether you have a physical business location or you run your show from home having a strong online presence is imperative to building brand awareness. A reliable website, social media accounts, blogs, and compelling content all play a crucial role in your brand's ability to reach your target audience.

#3]. Develop Relationships

For your business to grow you must focus on the core purpose for your success - your customers. When startups take the time to develop authentic business relationships with their customers, they are put in a position where they can better serve them, thus resulting in long-term relationships and repeat business. But how do you develop a positive relationship with your customers?

  • Learn more about the customer - The trick to selling your products or services is appealing to the needs, wants, and/or interests of your customers. It is imperative that you not only know who your company can best serve but how you can best do this. Customer satisfaction surveys, interaction through social media, and research can help you to learn about your customer.
  • Provide quality services - You can't very well expect to develop a strong relationships with your customers if you're not providing quality service. Customer service should be a huge part of your business strategy to grow. Focus on ways to provide friendly, simplified, and convenient services to your customers. Go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that every encounter they have with your business is a good one.

To successfully grow your business involves a lot of key factors. It will also involve a lot of streamlining and trial and error to figure out which methods work best for your brand and audience.

At the end of the day if you learn to connect, build brand awareness, and develop strong relationships, your startup will succeed.

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