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Why Assuming Money Solves All Problems Is Wrong

Posted on the 28 November 2017 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Why Assuming Money Solves All Problems Is Wrong

he belief or assumption that money solves all problems is primitive and very wrong. Are you asking why? Well, it's because money never solve all problems.

Probably, you might have heard of such statements as "money will solve it". Yes, money does solve problems but not all.

The truth is that, in most cases, money can only solve problems temporarily and not permanently. This means that you can't just throw money around anyhow.

It's rather unfortunate that some young entrepreneurs still believe that money will solve all of their startup's problems.

Does money really solve all problems?

The general belief especially among poor people is that money solve every problem. So does money really solve all problems? The fact is that you can throw money into your problems and still struggle to make a headway.

This is why rich and successful entrepreneurs don't always see money as the "problem solver". Rich people don't just throw money around to supposedly solve their problems. Did you ask why? Because not all problems require money.

Some problems only require you to pay more attention while others just need you to make a few changes to your efforts. In short, the solutions to some problems is within you and not just by throwing money around.

What's in the mind of young entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs that have access to fund usually think they can use money to solve all their problems. This is a rather unwarranted belief particularly among red hot technology startup owners. The fact is that this kind of thinking is responsible for many of the spectacular startup failures we have all witnessed.

Why Assuming Money Solves All Problems Is Wrong

For example, let us agree that you have built a successful startup that makes money and generates revenue. You can put more money in such as startup to help take it to the next level.

Meanwhile, investing more money in a business that doesn't generate revenue will exacerbate whatever problems the business already had, but on a bigger scale and with much higher stakes.

How much does a startup require to survive?

There is no limitation to what one can invest in a business to make it successful. However, people just don't throw money into a business anyhow. Of course, capital is important for any business venture, but it needs to be used in the right way.

The best use of investment funds is to take a model that has been proven to work and scale it. Money issues are absolutely the biggest pitfall that young entrepreneurs face. If you don't keep it flowing, or can't keep enough of it, your business and your personal finances will suffer.

Not all business ideas will be winners, but you can be a winner if you are smart with your money. You have to give yourself enough runway to win. The best thing is to go in solid and watch the bottom line dramatically increases your odds.

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