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Walmart Black Friday Specials on Thanksgiving

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

It’s clear that this year that the holiday is on fast forward. I started receiving holiday e-mails right before Halloween and they’ve been rolling in daily with deal after deal. What is a girl to do? There was one Black Friday ad that people were biting their nails waiting on; the Walmart Black Friday specials; that are actually happening on Thanksgiving this year. Walmart will start at 6pm on Thanksgiving evening at a time when some are just eating dinner. No more waiting in line until midnight this year!

As you may or may not recall, last year I walked out of Walmart with three TV’s on Black Friday along with a Ninja juicer and a host of other household items. Unfortunately, the TV’s purchased weren’t for me as I sometimes offer personal shopping services on Black Friday. This year, I’m in the market for a smart TV.  I’m pulling out my weights and running on the treadmill (more like walking real fast) so that I can get in shape too leap tall shopping carts and fly through the air like I’m a Marvel Avenger in training.

walmart 3

The social media frenzy on Facebook waiting for the Walmart add was flat out crazy. People were on Facebook balling out about when the Walmart ad would be released. I give credit to the company’s who specifically dedicate websites to Black Friday and alert consumers when specific ads are released. They do a great job at marketing various retailer ads which adds to the hype of Black Friday. However, people started to post not so nice comments because the Walmart ad hadn’t been released yet. Really…you would think that Walmart planned to give away free merchandise. People were mad, sad, upset, and just flat out impatient; patience is something I don’t have a lot of either. Nonetheless, I waited somewhat patiently for the ad and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve seen a few items that are on my “Shauntee Must Have List” that I would love to pick up on my BF adventure.

This year almost all the stores are opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving with Walmart kicking off at 6pm. I’ve seen so many complaints about the store opening times along with a Facebook page dedicated to people who are pledging not to shop on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is indeed a big deal for some who have family that travel from various locations. I can understand people wanting to spend time with their love ones who they don’t see as often. But for some, Thanksgiving is not a huge celebration. My family and I celebrate by going shopping; we haven’t cooked a Thanksgiving meal in years. As a professional Black Friday shopper, I’m hoping this works in my favor. I really do want a smart TV and those Rachael Ray Pots


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Will you be out shopping at 6pm on Thanksgiving?

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