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Walking In The Spirit

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Walking In The Spirit

I walk with the Spirit, Hand in Hand

A Heavenly journey, Slowly I begin to understand,

The purpose of my being,

My mission in life,

My goals are all set,

No more worries in sight

I do not leave easily, My feet I firmly plant

Walking this road, I pray and sometimes, I rant

Life is beauty, It is all the eye can see

It is the heavenly sky, It is deep in the sea

It is the old man who is all alone, It is the child playing in the sun

I see with new eyes, I sing with a new voice

I touch with my heart, In all things I now rejoice

My spirit arises as I spread my wings

I have in a vision when I quietly dream

This is a beginning for life does not end

We have so much more to offer when it is time to transcend

It is a graduation, A Divine Degree

We shall sip great knowledge from Eden’s tree

Renee Robinson

Walking In The Spirit

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