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Waiters and Waitresses in Las Vegas Should Be Legally Mandated to a 15% Gratuity Maximum. They Don't Deserve More.

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Waiters and waitresses in Las Vegas should be legally mandated to a 15% gratuity maximum. They don't deserve more.Las Vegas Strip servers  are paid more than any servers anywhere. Hourly wages are far above the fed. min.  In the high check average places, waiters are crying when they walk with less than 5 bills. Captains who are used to banging $900-$1500 a night during convention season get all kinds of sad in the summertime. Strip servers are where the nightmare stereotypes started. Anything heinous you've heard about a restaurant is abundant, on The Strip.

Being paid so much gives strip servers a sense of entitlement, and it gives them a warped sense of perspective. It makes them arrogant, and impatient.  Also, a strip server will develop "waiter scrutiny" quicker than anyone. Waiter scrutiny is a highly developed observational skill which enables a strip server to size up anyone in a matter of seconds, therefore executing a level of service appropriate to each guest based on their surmised tipping habits.

They're greedy. They know how to hide money that is supposed to go to tip pooling. They  know all kinds of ways to burn front waiters, runners, and bartenders. The greed is ultimately hurting the business. The endless reviews on Yelp!,  about bad service in LV are because of this. The way to stop it is to enforce a cap of 15%  gratuities, or reduce wages.

It would be good for our economy. Boosts in visitors, more people would be inclined to try fine dining more often. The public would trust Las Vegas again. The servers would change right away, if 15% was maximum. They would be so eager to please. Going out of their way for you.. All  polite, and respectful. Being servers.

They are not equipped mentally to handle a cash income. Lowering their pay would keep these laborers in check, and would hinder the enticement of vice. Our restaurants would be cleaned up with this change. I think it's time to implement a 15% cap on gratuities.

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