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By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Hello There,

My name is Ari and I am casting producer at Crybaby media in NYC. A network is developing a potential show about a pair of guys who travel around the country and eat at different buffets.  They hired Crybaby Media to cast the guys. They want us to find 2 guys who are super tight (best friends, brothers, cousins, etc) who are in their late 20's - early 40s.  One guy should have a normal build and the other should be overweight.  These guys should have a natural rapport and love food!

The network would like the talent (at least one of the guys) to know some things about food.  Doesn't need to be a celebrated chef but maybe this person was once a waiter and can say things like “here’s what you don’t know as a customer but I can tell you what’s going on behind the kitchen door right now”.   This person might have behind the scenes intel on buffets— stuff lay people don’t know -- "Like it’s Monday— stay clear of the fish, there’s no fish delivery Sunday so you’re eating fish that’s been lying around since 4am Saturday morning."   Please email [email protected] to set up a Skype session.


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