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Waffles + Coffee = Nami

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Waffles + Coffee = Nami
Yesterday my boyfriend and I enjoyed some Superbowl waffles at one of my favorite Phoenix local spots, Nami. Nami offers a ton of delicious vegan and gluten free pastries, cakes, and Sunday brunch items. They also happen to have delicious organic coffee. I go here maybe a little too often. The weather that morning was gray with light sprinkles and honestly, it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
I'll be honest with you. Life is really good right now, but no matter how good things are it always has a way of testing you. Giving you the experiences you need in order to fully understand yourself and tough skin to handle future speed bumps. My career is flourishing and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Although it never seems to fail that when one aspect of your life is going amazingly, one other important part starts to seriously lack. Not everything can go smoothly or perfect all the time right? We just try our hardest and fight for the things we believe in and fight for the people we love. 

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