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W7 Just Brows Waterproof Eyebrow Pen

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
You know what they say. Eyebrows are the frames of your face. Is it not strange how a different shaped eyebrow can completely change your look?  At the moment I am really experimenting with my eyebrows.  I'm looking the different shapes and sizes to see what actually suits me (hard work!). To define my eyebrows I have uses eyeshadows, pencils and also your typical brow kit, which I really love using. I didn't know there is something called a brow pen until recently. This little product called the just brows waterproof brow pen is by W7. I recently reviewed the W7 matte lipstick which I was very happy with so I was a little excited to be trying this out as well.
W7 Just Brows Waterproof Eyebrow PenW7 Just Brows Waterproof Eyebrow PenW7 Just Brows Waterproof Eyebrow PenW7 Just Brows Waterproof Eyebrow PenIMG_5527I am obviously new to using a brow pen. I don't use this to draw on my eyebrows but instead to fill them in. I have natural gaps in my eyebrows and that's the area I've been using this for. It comes in two colours: a black and a brown. I have it in brown which matches my eyebrows quite well. I also use it to define my brows by using this to create that really finished line on the top and bottom. The pen is quite a good size too. It's not too fine nor too thick which means you can create a great shape. As far as the 'pigmentation' goes it quite nice. You can build up the color by layer it. Think of it like art class!
I cleanse my face quite thoroughly at night which removes alot of the pen (should I refer to it as ink?) But if you are to wash your face with just water it doesn't really budge which is great for people who like waterproof makeup and the whole point of the product really. I also added an image of my eyebrow which was last minute hence the lighting and the blurriness. Sorry guys! My eyebrows actually look alot darker than they do in the image. (sorry for the scary eye picture)
I am really impressed by W7's packaging for this products as well. It's so sleek and very clean.
Overall I do quite like this. It's not as harsh as I thought it would be considering it's a pen but quite subtle meaning you can create quite natural brows. I love the concept of this as well. The only thing that I think can be improved is maybe a wider color range as it only consists of two shades. Lovely product for quickly shaping your eyebrows.
You can purchase the W7 Just brows waterproof eyebrow pen* from Xtras for £2.99. That is the only retailer I know of so if you know anywhere else, do mention!
Have you tried eyebrow pens before?
Hareem x

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