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Volunteer Organization of the Month September 2013

Posted on the 16 September 2013 by Utterlysam

UN Online Volunteering

What it’s it?

The UN volunteer program allows those that spend hours online a chance to volunteer. No need to travel to far away places. So long as you have an internet connection, you can volunteer.

Maybe you aren’t building houses for people who’ve lost theirs due to a storm or flood. But though the internet, you are spreading the word of those that are. Maybe you have 100 followers on Twitter or Facebook or what have you. Maybe only 10 of them will see a status post saying you are volunteering online. And maybe only one of them will look into it.

But then they post it on all of their social media sites. And all of a sudden you’ve got those people following his lead. And that may move slowly. But this kind of thing is exponential. One turns into two, who then into four, continue that and then all of a sudden, there’s a revolution.

Why did I pick this?

When people think about volunteering, they think about the physicality of the action. The only issue is for some, that’s a time commitment that I can’t apply.

I know personally that I would not be able to make the time commitment to be somewhere when I’m balancing going to school for 40 hours a week, working part-time, and attempting to run a website all while keeping on top of the geek news. We are so busy that we front have the time to breathe let alone worry about “Someone else’s problem”. But there are those that have heavy schedules like my own and still want to volunteer.

Even through our busy schedules, we find the time to text friends and Tweet to followers; we find time to check our email and post status updates on Facebook.

And online volunteering had the possibility of being just as easy.


This volunteering opportunity isn’t so much for any specific fandom, but rather for everyone that spends time online, either via Tumblr or Facebook or any other social media site. The fandoms aren’t as important as getting out and doing things. There are so many volunteer opportunities on the website, that finding one that matches something to do with fandoms would be rather easy.

The Fun stuff

If you want to show off what you support on a social media site, here is a banner for you. Have at ‘er. I created it myself, however, I do not own the UN insignia included in the photo.


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