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Remembering The Eleventh Doctor: Rory Williams

Posted on the 20 September 2013 by Utterlysam

For those of you who are familiar with Doctor Who, Rory Williams has easily become a cast favourite, until his untimely demise (again) in the middle of the seventh season.

The question is, why do we all love Rory? Here is a list of my reasons.

WARNING: Spoilers for the seventh season.

  1. Rory Williams cannot die. Well, he can, he just doesn’t know how to stay dead. Ironically, his death(s) lead to his end. He stopped and noticed a tombstone of someone with the same name as him, and then a Weeping Angel touched him. But Rory has died more times than we can really count. But let’s try anyway:
    • The first death, in Amy’s Choice, where he got killed by an alien old lady.
    • The second death, where he died in the TARDIS explosion, also in Amy’s Choice
    • The third death, where he almost instantly got deleted from the universe and then turned into a Roman
    • The fourth is questionable, but some chose to point out the restarting of the universe (Big Bang 2) caused Roman!Rory to die
    • The fifth, where Rory gets shot at, and we are lead to believe he died, in Day of the Moon
    • The sixth, where Rory gets taken by the ‘evil’ siren alien nurse thing, and we believe he dies
    • The seventh, where Rory as an old man dies, in Angels Take Manhattan
    • The eighth, where Rory actually makes the joke ‘when does he not come back from the dead’, also this one made me cry, just because of it’s beauty
    • The ninth, where Rory stopped at the tombstone, and, well, got ‘touched by an angel’
  2. Rory Williams is completely okay with being called Rory Pond. Which kind of makes him pretty amazing in my book. Rory is a testament to feminism, where he is completely alright with taking his wife’s name, even through a nickname created by a madman in a blue box.
  3. Rory Williams has an amazing and enviable relationship with Amy. With lines like ‘I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t grow old together.’ and the classic ‘Where’s my wife?’ line in front of the Cybermen, Rory sets the bar high for romance.
  4. Rory Williams grounds the Doctor on so many levels. While most of the Doctor’s companions are infatuated with the man, Rory keeps him stable. Everything from his line in ‘The God Complex’ about how not every victory was huge, to the punch he gave the Doctor in The Big Bang.
  5. Rory Williams punched Adolf Hitler. And other notable ‘bad arsery’.

Rory was an amazing character, and has become something of a new ‘Chuck Norris’, commenting on everything from “Rory Williams stole Voldemort’s nose.” to the picture on Pinterest that started this post “When Batman wants to impress women, he tells them he’s secretly Rory Williams.”

Unfortunately, the amazingness of Rory Williams had to come to a close. RIP Rory Williams, we will miss you on Doctor Who. Good luck Arthur Darvill in wherever your career takes you next. Remember, you will be missed.

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