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Violeta by Mango | The 'plus Size' Debate

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Violeta by Mango | The 'plus size' debate
Violeta by Mango | The 'plus size' debate
Violeta by Mango | The 'plus size' debateVioleta by Mango | The 'plus size' debateVioleta by Mango | The 'plus size' debate So as many of you will know, I work at Mango & it's not uncommon to see me dressed in the brand in my own outfit and style posts. So I thought it only right to introduce you to a new range launched last month. Violeta is the new 'plus size' range, developed for ladies size 12-24. However the Spanish clothing giant has come under fire from shoppers in the wake of launching the plus size range. Customers in Spain and the UK took to Twitter annoyed at the implication that anything over a size 10 is considered 'large'. - Really? The Violeta line - which is accompanied by the tag 'it suits me and I like it' - is a 400-piece collection available online and in selected larger stores, featuring everything from suits and casual wear to accessories and footwear. What I find it hard to comprehend is how people really have a problem with the range itself. I feel that many of these women may be hypocrites, strong words I know, but since working in Mango, I have been shouted at practically every week for only stocking up to  size 14 (like it's my fault!?). Yet as soon as they bring out a range of really nice clothing in sizes they've never stocked before, this is a problem too? - Make up your minds ladies!  A spokesman for Mango said: 'The secret to this new project lies in the care taken in the technical pattern details from size to size and in being able to offer a high quality collection for any moment of the day, aimed at a modern and demanding woman who wants to feel attractive, sexy and fashionable.'Consequently, the aim of Violeta by Mango is to dress a young target market in sizes 12 to 24 with garments designed to be comfortable, feminine and modern.' But while the Government and fashion editors have celebrated the collection, Mango has been accused by shoppers on Twitter of stigmatising women larger than a size 10, and even encouraging eating disorders. & perhaps even more shocking, a campaign group in Spain have called for the line's withdrawal. However this being said & despite my ranting, I think the Mango could have marketed the branding of Violeta a little better. Calling a range of clothing starting at 12 "plus size" I can sympathise is a little far fetched & I can imagine why some may be a little miffed. But I can also understand that launching a new brand under the Mango empire similar to the likes of MNG Kids and H.E is a smart move in terms of business, especially when on many occasions customers have called for larger sizes.  Being a size 12, I fall into Mangos idea of  'plus size' myself, yet here I am, shopping the range and finding myself wanting many items on the website! Personally I love the collection & have found a lot of them items to be similar to what is already readily available in Mango. It almost seems like an extension of sizes. So have your say guys, have I over stepped the mark by calling the very women who called for larger sizes hypocrites as soon a the range is offered up? - Especially when brands such as Simply Be have been doing the same for years. What do you think? Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Lookbook Violeta by Mango | The 'plus size' debate 

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