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Violent Lips - Tattoo, Or Not Tattoo?

By Thebeautyscoop
Violent Lips - Tattoo, or not Tattoo?Are you bored of your every day lipstick, and sick of seeing the same old block of colour when you look in the mirror? Well if you are, you could consider joining the likes of Jessie J and use Violent Lip (temporary) Tattoo’s to bring a bit of fun to your look!
I love the idea of these and the designs look amazing on the website, although I wasn’t entirely sure how wearable they’d be for the average (non-celebrity) girl on the street!
Violent Lips - Tattoo, or not Tattoo?Violent Lips - Tattoo, or not Tattoo?Violent Lips - Tattoo, or not Tattoo?However, having looked into the range a little more, there are actually some more wearable designs that you could probably get away with wearing if you’re not going to be making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent (such as the Pink Polka, and the Pink or Coral Cheetah - although I'm not entirely sure we'll have all designs available in the UK, at least not yet), basically the designs in colours that would be normally worn as lipstick, with patterns that aren’t too in your face.
Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, priced at £12 for 3 tattoos!
What do you think, would you give them a try?

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