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Vintage Letters

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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Vintage Letters

vintage mail

My Dearest Friends,
I am so happy that you are reading my blog today. I was overjoyed to read all your comments from my previous post. I am so grateful for your friendship.
I Remain Forever Your Blogger,

Doesn’t that sound a little funny? I wanted to write in the prose of my newest vintage collectible obsession. Vintage mail.

3 vintage letters

I picked up these letters on a recent trip to one of my own favorite antique stores. There was a whole box full of these. I might have to return for more soon because these are just so charming. I grabbed these three in particular because they just seemed especially beautiful and historical.

Letter From Lizzie

This letter is about The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. It’s an awesome read, if you can decipher the scrolling penmanship. But it’s a letter from Lizzie to her cousin. (This letter was put in an envelope from the collection of J. M Sloan in 1948.) She is responding to a letter sent after the earthquake to tell her that her family was ok. Can you imagine having to wait weeks to hear that your family is safe after a natural disaster?

vintage letter about the San Francisco Earthquake

Or even finding out that an earthquake and fire even happened because you live in an area that just doesn’t get the news that fast. Everything in our lives is so instant!

L J Tucker

I am in love with this return address stamp. Stationer, Confectioner AND News Dealer! It’s sounds like a fruitful business doesn’t it? Well, according to Mr. Louis Tucker business wasn’t going very well. And while they only started the business in January they would be closing up by the first of April.

I remain as ever

I’ve always wanted to end a letter with “I Remain as Ever Your…. Cousin… Sister, Girl”? I’m pretty sure Paula Abdul was the last one to say I’m Forever Your Girl. And it hasn’t been the same since.

miss Carrie

Here’s what I find so sweet about this letter, besides the lovely penmanship. This letter is addressed merely with the name and city. No house number. No street name. No zip code. Just write a name and a city and the mail will find its way.

vintage letters

I kind of feel like reading these letters is a bit like a vintage reality show. I wish I knew what was going to happen next!


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