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Vintage 80s Clothing from Hipster Wolverine

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

vintage 80s clothing

Vintage 80s Clothing from “Carnival of the Maniac” on Etsy makes me giggle.

And it isn’t just the horrific flashbacks I’m having to things I wore in high school.

You know there is something different about Joseph Murawski’s Etsy shop “Carnival of the Maniac” the moment you spot hipster wolverine selling the sweater Bill Cosby once wore in that nightmare you had where he force feeds you Jello pudding to bebop jazz.

Carnival of the Maniac is a featured store on Etsy this week, and the moment I saw Joseph modeling his vintage 80s clothing I had to look at everything. I’m not even into vintage 80s clothing and I had to restrain myself from buying a rainbow sweater that looks like a spastic unicorn took up knitting.


What does Joseph sell?

“Creatively conjured and vintage paraphernalia with a heavy lean towards men’s suits, tuxedos, and blazers, kitschy sweaters, unisex clown clothes, thick plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses, boots boots and more boots, oddball housewares, mid century modern treasures, and various forms of travel and utility bags.”

But here’s the best part:

Favorite materials
etiology, longing, regret, hope


These vintage 80s clothing didn’t look THIS awesome in the 80s.

Joseph was a biomedical engineer and quit to become a full time Etsy seller specializing in some of the ugliest damn sweaters I’ve ever seen. My hero. You can read more about him in the feature article. He sounds a little serious and artsy in that piece, and I started to worry he might take himself too seriously,  but then he turns around and looks like Andy Samberg’s naptime buddy and all is forgiven:


Plus he was super nice when I asked him if I could use his photos here and used exclamation points and everything, and everyone knows artsy types who take themselves too seriously never use exclamation points.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite poses. And please, stop by Carnival of the Maniac and get a gift your boyfriend will never forget!

vintage 80s clothing

Wolverine meets American Psycho meets Ninja

vintage 80s clothing

Ziggy Stardust meets Ronnie Milsap

vintage 80s clothing

Russian Female Olympian

vintage 80s clothing

The WTF?

vintage 80s clothing

The “Order this Bag for your Kid and then Show her this Picture and Tell her He’s Coming Back for it Some Day.”


Uncle Sam Moves to Portland to Open an Ironic Record Store

let warmers

Crochet Legwarmers? Whaaaa? Hey, nice abs, Joe!

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Vintage 80s Clothing from Hipster Wolverine

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Vintage 80s Clothing from Hipster Wolverine

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