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Video: True Blood’s REAL Nan Flanagan Revealed!

Posted on the 21 August 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Jessica Tuck as True Blood's Nan FlanaganEver since vampires “came out of the coffin” back in 2008 on HBO’s True Blood, there has been loads of dirty politics between our favorite blood suckers. Who has been running around trying to simmer things down? Our favorite vampire public relations guru Nan Flanagan of course!

MTV’s real vampire commentator, Michelle Belanger, who is also an occult expert and real vampire, is the REAL Nan Flanagan… If you will.

In the video below, Belanger says:

“My work within the vampire community is basically like [Nan Flanagan’s] work with the vampires in ‘True Blood’. I’m the person who goes on CNN ‘Headline News’ when some teenager goes missing and panicked parents are sure that there’s a vampire cult that abducted her.”

The character of Nan Flanagan (played by Jessica Tuck) tries to inform the public that vampires do not have secrets, something that Belanger herself has been pursuing for twenty years but not quite in the same way Nan goes about doing so. Belanger assures that real vampire subculture does not imitate that of the actions taken by some of True Blood’s vampires, like Jessica Hamby’s sudden kidnapping for example. According to Belanger, vampires do not want to do bad things to you.

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Truebies, did you know about the real Nan Flanagan?  Do share your thoughts with us below.

Source: MTV Hollywood Crush - ‘True Blood’ And Vampire Public Relations: Meet The Real Nan Flanagan

(Photo Credit: HBO)

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