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Video: Ryan Kwanten’s New Quirky, Indie, Aussie Film

Posted on the 27 September 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Ryan Kwanten HBO Promo S4Genevieve Loh interviewed Ryan Kwanten about his role in the new indie film Griff the Invisible and his True Blood character, Jason Stackhouse, for the Singapore-based digital news show, Today.  About the film, Kwanten said, “It was the kind of story I felt needed to be told.”  The film is Australian-written and directed, but that’s not the reason for  this sexy Aussie’s participation. “That character really felt like he represented different parts of me… I’m very much sort of an introverted heart.”  He was pleased that the humor of the film was culturally transcendent, noting that it was well-received by a German audience despite the common problems that tend to arise between languages and was hopeful that a similar opinion would form with Singaporeans.

It appears that Kwanten enjoyed working on the quirky, superhero-romance because “there’s more to play within the indie world” than the more formulaic, studio-based movies that come out of Hollywood.  “The writing is more raw,” and “I like playing sort of tortured characters.”

Beyond the scope of his new indie flick, Kwanten commented a little bit on his fourth season of True Blood.  He said that his favorite co-star to work with was Chris Bauer’s Sheriff Andy Bellefleur because, as he put it, “in real life [Chris] is a big kid in an adult body.”  Because Jason Stackhouse is well-known for his lack of thoughtfulness, the combination of the two actors together on set is quite fun, according to Kwanten.

Finally, Twitter queries about his physique arose during the interview.  After watching his copious nude and shirtless scenes over the past four seasons of True Blood, it is not surprising that the public wants to know how he stays in shape.  Other than genetic blessings, he says that he doesn’t adhere to any wild diets or have any surprising exercise tips.  He thanks a combination of running, boxing and yoga for his lick-able hipbone muscle-lines.  All in all, Kwanten is an intelligent, grounded, and ambitious individual… qualities his character on True Blood does not share, but that will probably come through in his new role in Griff the Invisible.

Watch the video, and share your thoughts with us!

Source: Today Digital on YouTube – Today Talks With Ryan Kwanten

(Photo: HBO)

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