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Video: How to Apply Eye Cream

By Jackiebernardi @JackieBernardi

I know, it seems like we all should already know how to apply eye cream, right? I mean we assume that we stick our finger in the jar, rub it in all around the eyes–kind of self-explanatory, right?

Why a video on how to apply eye cream?

In all my years of experience as an Esthetician, one common thread through most of my patients/clients was that no one had actually ever taught them how to take care of their skin, by showing them. At best, they were handed a wash cloth and told “wash your face.”  This lack of knowledge has prevented many from using products that would be great for their skin–all because they were embarrassed to say “I don’t know how to use this product.”

I want to take the mystery, or embarrassment away, AND I want you to save money.  When you are not using expensive eye cream effectively, you will not get great results, and you will end up wasting a lot of expensive product. I made this video so that you could learn from my technique, and so that you could get the greatest benefit from your eye cream.

This video addresses basic application. I will be writing an upcoming series of eye-related skin care posts such as dark circles, and puffy eyes.

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