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Natural Skincare Tips For Cold Weather

By Jackiebernardi @JackieBernardi

Cold weather can reek havoc on your skin. Red patches can form very quickly on your face, but getting them to go away takes time. The skin can become dry and flaky and for many, the itchiness that accompanies the dry skin is even worse. This winter, do something different and make your skin your top priority. The following are some natural skincare tips to help you out during the cold weather season:

For the best natural skincare during the winter months, increase how much you moisturize your skin and change over to an oil-based, organic moisturizer instead of the water-based. This will allow your skin to keep the moisture in better.

In the winter, most people forget about the sun. However, the sun, especially with the glare from the snow, can still cause damage. Therefore, using a good sunscreen when you plan for outdoor activities is important.

While many people use a mask once a week in the spring and summer, the winter months will not require one so often. Instead of the harsher peeling masks, try using a foaming mask made of organic ingredients, as it will be less harmful to your skin.

Even though a hot bath is often relaxing, the hot water on the skin can cause more skin problems for you. However, if your skin has become really dry and itchy, taking a lukewarm oatmeal bath can relieve some of your discomfort. Just be certain not to stay in too long, as long baths tend to take the moisture from the skin.

One of the worst problems to experience in the winter is dry and cracked skin on the feet. You should take special care with your natural skincare regimen and make sure you take the time to moisturize your feet, especially if they have been in wet shoes all day. You may also want a good exfoliant to help get rid of the dead skin cells, as this can help prevent the cracking and peeling.

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