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Video: Denis O’Hare of True Blood Shocked by Finale

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Denis O’Hare as King Russell EdgingtonApparently Denis O’Hare was just as shocked as the rest of us at the “bloodbath” which was Season Four’s finale.  In his interview with PopSugarTV he compared the episode to the end of Hamlet — the famed Shakespearean tragedy in which everyone dies at the end.

When asked about the return of his character, PopSugarTV noted the changing power dynamics occurring in the vampire community.  Where will Russell fit in?  O’Hare said:

“He’s a very flexible character, obviously. He’s lived for 2800 years — he’s very good at sussing out where the political winds are blowing. I think he could go with anybody. He’s really the loner, not necessarily a joiner, but I could see him joining forces with whoever is capable. If Bill or Eric want to come on board, I’m sure that he could find an amenable situation. The Authority’s got an opening, so he could take that…”

The Authority opening that he referenced was of course, the (un)fortunate True Death to Nan.  O’Hare went on to say how shocked he was about the death of Rutina Wesley‘s character, Tara Thornton and Kevin Alejandro‘s Jesus.

Beyond that, we’ll all just have to wait the eight months and watch what happens in Season 5 for the epic return of O’Hare’s Russell Edgington.

So, Truebies, who do you think let the King out of his cement grave? Any guesses? Share them with us below!

Source: PopSugarTV - Denis O’Hare Calls True Blood’s Season Finale a “Bloodbath”

(Photo: HBO)

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