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Video: Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

By Grindinggears


Possible the Best Danny Macaskill film yet?

Danny Macaskill should be renamed Danny MegaSkills after his latest video! Not only does he ride some completely insane terrain, he does it with such flair and style that you can’t help but utter “no way, no way, no way, holy shit!” at several points in the film.

Here it is, with 7 minutes of awesomeness to make every day a better day!

Not even Danny gets it right first time

Just so that we know that Danny is definitely a human, they’ve released a few cuts of this video. The thing to remember is that even when you’re an absolute legend, it may not go right the first time! If that doesn’t make you feel a bit better for the next time you eat dirt then nothing will…

danny crash

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