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Very Interesting VMA's

By Micmad @immicmad
From the Lady Gaga alter gender personality Joe Calderon introduction and performance the 2011 VMAs were above average. There were sometimes were I felt like Adam Levine when some awards were passed out but that's how the cookie crumbles. MTV decided to go without a formal host for the show but had Kevin Hart conduct the formal opening. Hart also had funny video skits scattered throughout the program. Jay-Z and Kanye West performance was simple and still seemed to steal the show up to that point. Jay and Kanye had an unexpected performance crasher that mostly went unnoticed by most. The stage crasher took a few steps on stage before he was hurried off by a lone suited security. Nicki Minaj beat out label head Lil Wayne for best Hip-Hop video, which was somewhat of a shocker. Britney Spears was also a surprise winner with also the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award for time and success thus far in the industry. Katy Perry and Kanye West won an award for their collaboration. Katy Perry was the only award winning artist that night that thanked her management team. Kanye let her know he has more than that first moon man. However their were other show stopping performances like the lovely Adele. When she sang you could hear a pin drop in the venue and she has moved up in my list of true vocalists. I love the fact that she breaks the norm of the prototype singer and it was just her and a piano.  A few acts didn't receive the moon man they deserved like the beautiful Adele, the group Foster The People. Chris Brown had a high flying performance but the down side is that he was clearly lip singing extremely bad. However, Brown was dancing a well choreographed set with a mix of Nirvana, Wu-Tang Clan, Electronic and his own music as well. Then Brown took to the sky and flew to the other stage and continued to perform and not miss a step in the tightly choreographed set. Then there was the mommy to be Beyonce, she had a stellar vocal performance with her song "Love On Top." Beyonce wrapped her performance by opening her vest and then showing the crowd and the viewing audience at home her baby bump. A usually reserved and guarded Jay-Z let loose showing a big small cheering, saluting his wife and received congrats from partner Kanye West and others nearby. Another standout act was unheard of Young the Giant from Irvine California. This group brought 250 of their own fans to the show in a live performance and it was awesome. I applaud MTV for giving this group the chance the song "I Won't Fall" is a great song, and seeing it performed on the guitar shaped stage and the lead singer crowd surfing at the VMAs was no doubt in my mind an epic day for the group. Bruno Mars was another standout performer with his tribute to the late Amy Winehouse with his cover of "Valerie" with live band. A lackluster effort was shown by Lil Wayne in his finale performance and his outfit was spandex zebra print pants, what's up with that? I know that sometimes fame can get to people but I hope someone helps Wayne snap back like throwback baseball caps.

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