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Diddy Does It Again

Posted on the 09 February 2012 by Micmad @immicmad
Diddy Does it Again Source: Diddy Pic
Diddy is about to take his business empire to a new level. Combs has his eye on launching a music and lifestyle cable network later this year by December 12, 2012. Already making his staple in the liquor industry with Ciroc Vodka, on Broadway, in films, clothing and fragrance industries as well as his first love music, and Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Company which made it all possible have kept Combs quite busy. However, the forever-hungry entrepreneur is again on a quest to expand his empire.  Diddy's channel will be called "Revolt" and is part of a package of new networks that Comcast Cable is launching as part of its recent merger with NBC Universal and ongoing efforts to cater to minority audiences. The agreement between the media giants requires that Comcast launch two African-American owned networks by January 2013. Comcast will provide distribution as part of its commitment to the FCC to help launch minority owned networks.
The "Revolt" channel is expected to focus on the music and entertainment with an urban twist, according to Broadcasting and Cable magazine, which broke the news. I'm sure both Diddy fans and the haters will tune in to catch a glimpse of the new network. It will have a feel like an old-style MTV for African-American viewers, according to Broadcasting and Cable magazine. The venture is well funded, sources say. Former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon is part of the project according to reports. Diddy has always been known for his business savvy so him aligning with strong talent isn't anything unusual. It will be interesting to see if Diddy can balance the reach of his entertainment brand with delivering relevant quality content. This news comes as the founder of BET, Bob Johnson, had his proposal for a new channel called Urban Television rejected by the FCC after several years in relative limbo. This new channel will either help catapult Diddy to new heights or it will be like some past artist a distant memory. One thing is for sure people will watch to see what Diddy has in store, as well as what this new venture will bring to the empire that is Sean Diddy Combs. 

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